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Shinto and Christianity

南山宗教文化研究所編『神道とキリスト教―― 宗教における普遍と特殊』
第4回南山シンポジウムは神道とキリスト教のそれぞれの多様性を代表する著名な学者を集め、この両者の間でおそらく日本で最初の正式な対話を行った。議論は、一つの宗教の伝統を ある特殊な民族的ないし文化的集団と結びつけ、しかも同時に近代世界における宗教にとって本質的であると思われる普遍性を保存するという問題に集中した。</p>

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Esoteric Buddhism and Christianity


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Nishida Kitarō, Intuition and Reflection in Self-Consciousness

Intuition and Reflection in Self-Consciousness is a translation of the second volume of the Collected Works of Nishida Kitarō, Japan’s foremost twentieth-century philosopher, this book provides a rare glimpse into the struggle of the Japanese mind to rethink the concerns of Western philosophy in terms of the Eastern intellectual heritage. The translation evokes the movement and flavor of the notoriously opaque original as well as clarifying its obscurities and eliminating much of the repetition. Moreover, this is the first translation of Nishida’s works, in Japanese or English, to appear with complete bibliographical annotation. Everyone interested in the interaction of Eastern and Western thought-forms now has a document elucidating many of the cultural, psychological, and intellectual dynamics that have shaped Japanese intellectual life in one of its most fascinating and ambitious manifestations. 
  Trans. by Y. Takeuchi, V. Viglielmo, J. S. O'Leary. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 1987.
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Hans Waldenfels, Absolute Nothingness: Foundations for a Buddhist-Christian Dialogue

A major breakthrough in Buddhist-Christian dialogue, Absolute Nothingness is a comparative study that attempts to relate the Kyoto School of Buddhist philosophy to the Christian tradition. Among the major questions treated in this book is that of spiritual emptiness as it is experienced in the traditions of East and West. The author brings to his book the skills of a theologian and the sensitivities of one who has studied Buddhism in Japan.
  Trans. by James W. Heisig. New York: Paulist Press, 1976, 1980.
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